I'm Stephanie.

I am so very excited that you decided to join me here at Stephanie Synclair Home, formerly Southern Girl in Italy! During the pandemic, I decided that it was time for me to stop dreaming about life in Europe and time for me to embrace it. I've always been fond of France and Italy and ultimately ended up buying a in Italy. I bought a home in a medieval village about 45 mins outside of Palermo in Sicily. I am now working on making it a home. I've got to go through the visa process, decorate, organize, etc and I would like to take you on the journey as well. This site is the behind the scenes of what its like creating and living a life, in Italy as well as bringing the European lifestyle that I love so much home to the states when I am here. I truly believe that the life you love should go wherever you are.

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  • Are you wanting to buy a home in Europe?

    I know so many of you have seen the CNBC Millennial Money feature on me and buying my house in Sicily a couple of years ago. I have my issues with the article for sure but the one thing that it did ...

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    Are you wanting to buy a home in Europe?
  • Why I Chose to Buy a House in Sicily.

    Choosing Sicily People ask me every day on one of my social media platforms, why I chose Sicily to settle. I tend to return with a simple “why not?”  The reality is that Sicily chose me, ...

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    Why I Chose to Buy a House in Sicily.
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    How to make Homemade Butter


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